In this episode, we talk with four college students from and/or attending school in the Bay Area - all of them taking classes right now online.

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted the majority of schools across the country to move classes online – both K-12 and higher ed. The goal is to prevent the spread of COVID-19, especially in colleges, where students may come to the college from another community and return to their home community for holidays or other visits – risking the spread of viral infection.

But, online learning has taken its toll on many students, instructors, and families. Many students report feeling depressed, isolated, anxious, overwhelmed, detached, or unable to focus. Some students have taken a break from their studies, and others are struggling to keep up with what feels like an increased workload and decreased engagement in their classes.

Joining me in this episode to talk about their experiences with online learning are college students:

Sarah Glasser, a junior at Santa Clara University, majoring in sociology with a minor in ethnic studies.

Aisha Glenn, a San Francisco resident who is now a junior at McGill University in Canada, majoring in Labor Relations and double minoring in sociology and health geography.

Emma Molloy, who is currently studying communications at Santa Rosa Junior College but considering changing her major to journalism. She is a staff writer for the SRJC Oak Leaf newspaper.

And Nick Vides, majoring in journalism & political science at Santa Rosa Junior College and current Editor-in-Chief of the Oak Leaf.

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