In this episode, we continue our conversation with Tom Rosenstiel, journalist, press critic, and co-author of the seminal book on Journalism, The Elements of Journalism, which is now in its third edition. Rosenstiel is also the author of ten other books, including four novels. He is currently the Eleanor Merrill visiting professor on the future of journalism at the Phillip Merrill college of journalism at the University of Maryland.

In Part 1 of our conversation, we focused on many issues affecting U-S journalism, including the health of the industry and how things have shifted.

We also discussed the role of politics, and the diminishing of local news, on the health of the journalism industry.

In addition, we began our conversation about the role of objectivity and bias in journalism - what those words were meant to mean, and what they’ve become, as well as a discussion of opinion versus opinion journalism.

Rosenstiel reminds us that opinion journalists are indeed journalists who were trained in the art of doing journalism well.

We continue our conversation on objectivity and bias, as well as how journalism can play a more effective role in better informing the public.

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