In this episode. We explore America’s ongoing and persistent issues when it comes to race and social justice... in particular holding a mirror up to all of us in the U.S. … so we can face our history… and do the work required to push back on the structural racism that marginalizes, restricts, and harms our black and brown neighbors… and also make room for voices outside the mainstream… to have a seat at the table.

My guest is Barry Thomas, Professional Educator, Community Advocate & Activist in Omaha, Nebraska, who is concerned about issues related to race within the country and has dedicated his time to addressing these issues and educating the community.

While this interview was recorded just prior to the police killing of George Floyd and the subsequent protests and unrest… our conversation remains relevant, given the fact that both Floyd’s killing and the killing of Ahmaud Arbery and others stem from the systemic racism that permeates U-S society.

This episode is Part TWO of my interview with Barry Thomas. You can hear part ONE at

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